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Sabtu, Desember 08, 2012

Venus Transformation

What Happened when Venus transformation into scary expression? In this my edition about appropriation old master, i will try to explore another Venus. The Result finally shocking me that the beauty of Venus disappeared into disaster. And i think that is another side of beauty and new art. Enjoy my rebel...
"Scary Venus". When I try to made up Venus with 'eye' of Rene Magritte and 'lips' of Dali, the transformation is scary Venus. Pearl is not match become imitation teeth.
"Venus Blows The Bubble". I like this mirroring pattern. Venus look like annoying and rebel.
"Venus Lipstick". Sometime i think Venus what to make up herself with think eyebrow and red lipstick. What do you think? She become better or naughty?

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