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Sabtu, Desember 08, 2012

The Real Beauty

The name 'beauty' will never change when we cover it with something on. In this my appropriation, i try to put veil into beauty icon Venus and Vermeer's Girl.
"Venus Botticelli on Veil". The Beauty of Venus Botticelli in really match with veil on her face. She still look beautiful and humble. I think this is the most beautiful girl with veil covering her face, ever.
"Vermeer's Girl on Veil". This is another beauty girl with veil. When she wore a veil on her face, the pearl on her ear hidden in her veil, but she still look beautiful. Her eyes give us the communicative gaze intimately. I try to celebrating simulacra of Baudrillard with many appropriation about old master. Why? Because their art work really impress me, very much. I respect them. And I want to rebirth them into a new art with new taste. I wish you enjoy them to ...

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